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Best of Dos Marcos 2021 (Part 1)

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The last two weeks of 2021 have arrived, and there is no better way to end the year than to pay homage to some of the amazing industry leaders and professionals who joined us on the Dos Marcos Show.

In the debut episode of the Best of Dos Marcos, we bring back six nuggets of wisdom we felt were worth repeating as we ponder the lessons learned from the past year. We discussed how to action plan during uncertain times, we learned how to find and retain talent—which has become of essential importance during the national labor shortages that will continue into 2022, and discussed how changing is not a necessary component of business because surviving is not mandatory. We hosted industry powerhouses Mike Whitaker, Former President of Sleep Train Hernani Alves, and Ashley Homestore and FurnitureLand executive Justin Barnes, and we paid our respects to men like Eric Garcia in Costa Rica, who showed us what true customer service looks like.

Join us as we travel down memory lane!

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