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BedTech Founder Explains How To Add Value to Commodity Items

Hey Fam, It’s Adrienne!

Dos Marcos Show. What are you really selling? It’s a thought-provoking question, and BedTech Midwest Founder Justin Trombo drops some tangible takeaways — including how you can sell commodity items as a part of a larger sleep ecosystem that benefits your customers and your bottom line.

Must-Read Marketing Advice. Q&A with an industry CEO? Sign us up! This week, Ray Allegrezza sat down with Overstock CEO Dave Nielsen to ask him about Overstock’s focus on furniture, get his advice on succeeding in our ever-changing economy, and see what’s on the horizon for the company.

News and Headlines. There’s a new focus on health in the bedding industry. Take a look at how Hickory Springs Mattress is focusing on the broader health category with its Parker Health Products brand.

Research Data. Warehouses are dominating what price point? Do you know? If you don’t, then it’s time to pay attention. Based on our exclusive research conducted in partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group, research showed that nearly a third of recent buyers spent $500 – $999 and 74% of that business went to Warehouse Clubs and Department stores. So where can you compete? Check it out below!

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Dos Marcos Show

From Sweeping Floors to the C-Suite: BedTech Midwest Founder Explains How to Add Value to Commodity Items

How do you add value to items that might not be seen as necessary?

This week, Dos Marcos chat with BedTech Midwest CEO Justin Trombo to discuss his journey from starting out as an RSA to becoming president of his own company. He discusses strategy, what fuels his drive, and gives tangible advice on selling commodity items as a part of the ecosystem of sleep!

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Warehouse Clubs and Department Stores Dominate These Price Points

Our research with Nationwide Marketing Group showed that nearly a third of recent buyers spent $500 – $999 and 74% of that business went to Warehouse Clubs and Department stores.

Sleep shops did well above $1,000, ranking as a top buying location for products in the $1,000 – $1,999 range. Furniture stores didn’t appear in the top two of any price band until the above $2,500 where they ranked number two.

Where should you try to compete? Many retailers have moved up market and are working to sell premium priced products. That’s where the margin lives and that’s where your business can grow. You need to be prepared to sell higher end products by evaluating the entire experience you’re creating. From the parking lot to the back dock, make sure you create what’s expected when someone is spending more than $2,000 on a bed. And when you know what they’re expecting, blow their minds with something surprising and delightful!

Do you offer financing? How about delivery? Make sure shoppers get answers to their questions. Also, make sure they can complete the purchase on your site. When people are ready to buy, they don’t always make a trip back to your store.

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Q&A With A CEO

13 Questions With Overstock.com President Dave Nielsen

Overstock.com, the online powerhouse launched in 1999, quickly established itself as a source for just about anything under the sun.

But as part of a recent and ongoing reinvention, the company now has a laser-sharp focus on furniture and related goods. The FAM’s Ray Allegrezza had a recent one-on-one with Overstock President Dave Nielsen to find out more.

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Hickory Springs Finds Niche In Home Health Category

From adjustable bases to built-in Bluetooth sleep monitors that can track your heart rate and alert you to any potential issues, there are several mattress companies making an investment in the health category. Hickory Springs is one, and its Park Health Products line aims to change the way people look at home care.

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