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Artaban Offers Customizable Mattress Options for Private Label Brands

Hello, I am Pepe Monroy. I am coming from Artaban from Mexico. I am the VP of the Sales for International Business.

Okay. So we are here because we are selling the private label mattresses. You can visit us in order to design and develop your own product. We are putting our own foam, we are doing our in spring units. We have an impressive cut and sew department. We are doing our own fiber with the FR treatments.

As well, we are doing the insulators. So all the mattress that we would like to supply to the US are box beds, so it’s a real option. Mexico is very close to the US border. We are 700 miles away only for the border, so it’s very easy to get to Guadalajara.

The benefit that they can find with us is they can design and develop their own product. A private program. They can pick any foam, any insulator, any fabric, any design. They can customize their own products.

We have a wide level company, so we have a OEM services so they can find everything with us.

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