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Airweave’s “Anti-Sex” Olympics Mattress Is Athlete’s Tech-Packed Secret to Super Sleep

Ever wondered if Olympic athletes’ beds are designed to keep them from… extracurricular activities? Buckle up, because this episode dives into that juicy rumor and much more!

In this riveting episode, we sit down with Brett Thornton, the Chief Operating Officer of Airweave, to debunk the myth of the so-called “anti-sex beds” that Olympic athletes are sleeping on.

Brett takes us through the fascinating journey of how Airweave transformed fishing line into high-tech mattresses that promise top-tier support and comfort. Discover how these innovative beds are tailored to each athlete’s needs using cutting-edge technology. Plus, get an inside look at Airweave’s mission to bring better sleep to the world, one recycled fishing line at a time. Spoiler alert: These beds can handle a lot more than just a good night’s sleep!

Don’t miss out on this blend of science, humor, and a dash of Olympic gossip!

  • AirWeave offers a unique retail experience in Japan, with 250 store-to-store concepts and a personalized mattress scanning system.
  • The anti-sex mattress for Olympic athletes was a viral sensation, debunked by athletes and used as a marketing opportunity.
  • AirWeave is expanding into the US market, focusing on building a strong brand and offering innovative sleep technology products.
  • The company’s approach to sleep technology and retail experiences is driven by a combination of heritage, technology, and a focus on customer preferences and needs.
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