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Adventures of Mattman: Making New Habits

Mattman explains why having a game plan for better sleep is so important and how you can start yours today!

Part of my superhero duties is to teach and preach the Game Plan for Better Sleep.  

The Game Plan consists of five steps of addressing the sleep issues people are immediately fixing with their mattress at home.  

With the folks walking through the store we start with step one, the mattress. Step two, the power of the pillow! Step three, the Gamechanger. Step four, cool and comfy linens. And finally, step five, your habits! 

Step five is a rabbit hole — it’s like portal to another dimension of existence really. Your habits can have a huge impact on the quality of your rest. The million dollar question and feedback I get after jumping into the step five event horizon is:

How do you learn to make a new sleep routine stick? I can’t seem to make attempts to change last.

I recently listened to the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear for a second time to ponder an answer to this question. 

It’s such an incredible book! First, it’s not about how you do the habit but more how many times you do the habit. You have to get your reps in. 

And when it comes to sleep routines, you only get one chance a day. It is hard to get your quantity of attempts in to really stamp the habit into your core behavior. As a result, sleep behaviors are some of the hardest to learn.

Clear offers a few great suggestions to overcome this. He talks about how habits that give you immediate satisfaction often give not so great results later on. Hence why people may overeat even though they know they could gain weight or why people smoke even though it may lead to lung disease. 

And inversely, habits that give no immediate reward have tremendous and wonderful results way down the line. Being aware of this may help you identify behavior you want to change. 

Clear also suggests abiding by the two minute rule. Pick the habit you want to form and focus on the start of it and what can be done in two minutes. 

If you are focusing this on sleep, start with a two minute bedtime routine and two minute wake up routine. The last thing you do before you go to bed and after you wake up are very VERY important. So focus on tasks that set your sleep. 

If you need some feedback on how to start developing your two minute routine, text me at 704-706-2436. I’ll be your personal superhero sleep coach and give you feedback. 

And if you haven’t, check out “Atomic Habits,” It’s such an empowering tool to turn your mountains into molehills. It can help you on your journey to becoming a sleep superhero!

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