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Adventures of Mattman: End-of-the-year Episode

It’s the end of the year! We made it!

Now that we are here, I’d love to take a moment to reflect on 2022 and give out my annual toasts!

I know you probably lost a little sleep over the course of this year wondering who Mattman will crown the Sleep Superhero Brand and Sleep Superhero of the year!

First up is the Sleep Superhero Brand of the Year award. This is an award that, to me, says this mattress brand does a great job at fighting the things that keep people up at night.

In 2022, this award goes to Tempur-Pedic! Congratulations on winning this award two years in a row! A major factor in why they are given this esteemed honor is because of their dedication to making an impact on their customers and to the greater good.

Tempur-Pedic has donated quite a bit of beds to the Dreams 4 All Foundation, among many others, and I have personally delivered those beds to refugees, foster children, and veterans and their families.

They don’t necessarily have to do this either. They choose to do it! I am grateful for their contributions to the Dreams 4 All organization and I know they give to other organizations as well! Congratulations Tempur-Pedic for rescuing sleep cycles from the Sleeping Bandit’s coffers!

Next up is the Sleep Superhero of the Year award. This goes to an individual who prioritizes their sleep and makes a game plan every week.

The 2022 winner of this award is none other than Gregory Aaron Law!  Greg is the owner of Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture as well as my brother-in-law. However, we dropped the “in-law” a while back. Brother, you fire me up!! 

Greg shared 37 weeks of sleep schedules with me this year. We text each other on Sunday with not only our sleep schedule but also our awake schedule! And Greg has been getting after it with 5:30 AM workout group F3. 

F3 stands for Fitness, Faith, and Fellowship. Greg’s dedication to this personal development helped him achieve his goal of running a 5k in sub 23 minutes. He completed the Turkey Trot at 22:51 seconds! Congrats dude! You are on fire!

Greg won this award in 2021 as well and so far, nobody has come remotely close to overtaking his level of skill and drive.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Mattman’s Toasts of the year! On a personal note, I’m feeling on fire myself.

I planned out 46 weeks of bedtime and awake time in 2022! Last year, I only did 43-ish, so I improved a bit. And in 2022, I never missed more than one week. I never missed consecutive weeks in a row.

And now in December, my fitness is awesome, my waistline is unbelievable, and my energy levels are off the charts! I really enjoy applying Atomic Habits tactics to sleep knowledge from Sleep Smarter and Eat Smarter. These sleep sources have changed my life so that I sleep better and experience Awake better.

In reflection, I had set a goal to run a 5k race in under 30 minutes while wearing the Matt-Suit. Unfortunately, I did not achieve this goal. My best time was 30:41 at Davidson Run For Green.

While I’m disappointed, the good news is that without the Matt-Suit and cape to slow me down, I’m running a 5k with a few minutes to spare under 30! So I’m proud of myself for trying as hard as I did and I met a lot of amazing people along the way!

I joined a couple of run clubs in my area as well as a recreation center to get more exercise. I don’t love working out and running, but the activity actually does help me sleep better at night. So a light 30-minute workout and a good night’s sleep routine turns into healthier eating habits and a more positive attitude.

As we head into 2023, my resolutions are not centered around losing weight, but instead scaling up performance! Another goal I had was to learn to play the drum kit for a rock and roll band. I scheduled practicing on my weekly schedule all year. In December, I tried out to be a substitute drummer in March and April for a band whose drummer is a CPA. And I got the gig!

Had I not planned out my practice, I might not have been ready for the opportunity when it came my way. Again, in 2023, it’s about scaling up performance and leaning into my good habits. Learning to do them a little better! And seeing what new experiences and opportunities await. That is what being fully wide awake is all about!

In case you are interested in becoming a Sleep Superhero yourself or dethroning Greg Law as Sleep Superhero of the year in 2023, here is how. All it takes is making a weekly game plan for your sleep.

You text me at 704-706-2436 with your game plan and I will share my own back. If you need help, I use a PDF that I print out. It’s easy to start. It only takes 5-10 minutes a week! The person who shares their game plan with me the most over the course of a year is one of the considerations for the award.

Greg and I plan out our sleep time and our awake time too. So if you really want to compete, you have to do both. If you already push yourself and you have a lot going on, this probably isn’t for you. If you are afraid of personal development, growth in character, and learning more about who you are, this journey is not for you.

However, if you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, grinding the pavement, or you just want to see what your productivity looks like on high octane, then what have you got to lose? 

Thank you to all the readers out there who stop by FAM.news to view our content. And thank you if you also listen to the Adventures Of Mattman podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I love being a part of the FAM crew!

Standing next to Adrienne Woods and Alex Milstein, the amazing people who work behind the scenes to publish articles and podcasts, and lots of other content all year, I’m just an oversized oven mitt with a backwards bib.

They’re the real superheroes! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years celebration and I look forward to 2023!

Good morning superpower seekers! My name is Mattman SirCapesAlot. I’m the comfortable caped crusader. I teach and preach the Game Plan for Better Sleep! I’m the resident Sleep Superhero on the Sweet Dreams Mattress & Furniture of Lake Norman Dream Team. I am also part of the FAM crew from FAM.news where you can find mattress and furniture industry info, intel, and good people! If you are interested in growing your local independent business, check it out!  And be sure to tune into the audio version of this article for a deeper dive into the information and happenings in a day in the life of a Sleep Superhero.

And speaking of Superheroes, Dreams 4 All needs help to serve more people! If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Dreams 4 All Foundation that believes nobody deserves to sleep on the floor, please text us at 704-706-2436. You can text us if you would like to see about doing this in your local community as well! We are always looking for more superheroes to join the ranks!

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