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Adventures of Mattman: Dream Team Interview

Mattman talks to Sweet Dreams Mattress Dream Team member Ally Husk about her bedtime and wake-up routine.

Today is another rotation on our worldly axis. Another cycle from dawn to dusk. Another chance to practice and perform habits that can help us get a better night’s rest!

Habits are what define who we are and our habits give us the potential for greatness! 

Speaking of habits, I want to share an interview with a Sweet Dreams Furniture and Mattress Dream Team member, Ally Husk. The Dream Team is what makes us unique in our area when you compare mattress and furniture stores nearby. 

Ally is no exception to exceptional.

A while back I got the chance to work at the Denver store beside Ally. During our shift, she told me about her bedtime routine. It really fired me up!

I don’t often feel like I am speaking to an equal sleep nerd in conversations. I could tell that Ally wears a sleep superhero cape from time to time!  

I invite you to check out the audio version of this episode. There’s a lot of excellent consumable information that is too much for typing! But if you would like the cliffnotes, I’ll help!

I asked Ally: What does sleep mean to you? For her, sleep means restorative and healing. She is excited to go to sleep in order to have her body go through the daily healing processes and be able to wake up with as much energy as possible. 

And when asked how she came to look at sleep this way, she answered that sleep is a form of self-care. She considers going to bed and showing up for her tomorrow-self. Getting great sleep helps build her confidence and self-esteem because she feels amazing!

I followed up by asking about her bedtime routine. Ally sets a timer to go off at 8 p.m. that signals the nighttime ritual is ready to begin. Her alarm habit is long established because even Ryan, Ally’s husband, knows the alarm signal and often makes snore sounds when he hears it.

She loves to have clean skin so she goes through a moisturizing routine so she wakes up feeling dewy and refreshed! She also does some breathing exercises to shift her focus from being wide awake to it’s time for bed. When she does actually get into bed, she turns on a sound machine that plays the same soothing sounds and she is fast asleep.

Not only did Ally share her bedtime routine, she also spoke about her wake-up routine! I got really excited because the wake-up routine is just as important as the bedtime routine.

Every morning when Ally wakes up, she lays out a green yoga mat near a window. To be more connected with herself and to the day, she opens the window for some fresh air and the natural ambiance of the birds outside.

She hits frequency music on her phone and meditates for a time. After meditation, she journals some of her thoughts and feelings to set her intentions for the day. This way she can process thoughts and emotions and be ready to help others later in the day. This routine is wonderful!  

One last sleep tidbit I loved about the interview is Ally shared that her routines took years to develop. She doesn’t like to do a routine that doesn’t feel like it’s really her. And her current routines were developed through trial and error. It takes a lot of time, effort, and energy to find out what works for your body. And by taking that journey, you will learn a lot about who you are!

For fun, I asked Ally who she would have lunch with if she could have lunch with anybody in the world. Her immediate answer was Lisa Bilyeu!

WIth a picnic basket full of delicious and nutritious food, Ally is a big fan of Lisa’s podcast Women of Impact.

Well, Ally, here’s to achieving your dreams! I am not a super famous superhero yet but I will tag Lisa in hopes she hears your interview. You never know, dude! 

I really appreciate Ally and her openness to discussing her habits. Thank you Ally and also to her husband Ryan. You guys are awesome Dream Team members!

And thank you to the listeners and readers out there. Ally is leading by example and I will join her with a bedtime alarm. I can’t wait to see what we are all cape-able of!

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