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Adventures of Mattman: All About Dreams4All

As everybody knows, I am a Sleep Superhero. 

I wear the mattsuit, the cape, the pink glasses, the whole nine yards!  And I don’t want to just be a superhero in name alone. So I look for ways to save things.  That’s what superheroes do! 

So we do a blood drive at Sweet Dreams Mattresses and Furniture every couple months.  Donating blood saves 3 lives per donation. 

I also hop in the Mattmobile and rotate a mattress from time to time for elderly folks in need.  However, there is one thing I do above all the rest that I focus on making an impact on the lives of our community: Dreams4All. 

Dreams4All believes that nobody deserves to sleep on the floor.

The audio version of this article includes an interview with the head of the organization, Keith Moneymaker, and his operations manager, Corey Lang.  I highly recommend checking it out!

Keith is with Sweet Dreams Mattress & More in Southern Pines N.C. and he started the Dreams4All foundation in response to a hurricane that hit NC years ago. It hit a few communities that were already struggling really hard. They met the demand for providing beds by repurposing used beds in good condition and helped over 300 families with their bedding needs.  

Fast forward to today, and the Dreams4All organization has supplied thousands of beds to the North Carolina communities in the Southern Pines area. 

However, the mission is twofold. By repurposing old bedding, we keep unnecessary waste from filling up landfills. We compare the mattress industry to the car industry. Oftentimes your used car can be traded in to be resold or stripped for parts. But mattresses are generally thrown out even if they are still in very good condition.

So where I come into play, we are the first affiliate with Dreams4All and have adopted this program in our own local market and we are nearing the triple digits of mattresses delivered to veterans in partnership with Veteran’s Bridge Home. 

We’re grateful to be blessed with the ability to help these veterans.  In my eyes, they’re the real superheroes. I’m just a guy in a fancy toast-looking outfit with a bib instead of butter on one side. 

The key to falling asleep quickly at night is not just having a great mattress, a game-changing adjustable, the perfect pillow and the coolest linens known to humanity. That part serves your body. 

You must also serve so your soul can rest easy knowing you do good deeds. That’s how I tuck myself in and fall asleep right away.

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