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Adam Levene On Virtual Shopping Made More Human

Adam Levene is the founder of Hero, a virtual platform that’s making online shopping more human. Used by brands like Nike, Levi’s, and Faherty, Hero works to bridge the gap between online and physical stores.

We first came across Hero when Kinsley was shopping on Faherty and noticed an icon that, when clicked, popped up what looked like an Instagram story. A guy said hello and talked about the brand. When that story wrapped up another guy starting describing his favorite shirt and a bubble appeared where the user could click on that shirt and buy it. Even though all this was happening on a website, it was a wonderful and very human experience.

Levene joined us to talk about trends in virtual shopping and where the connection between digital and physical commerce is headed.

As more customers shop online, how will brands need to adapt—and what will customers demand from the online and in-store shopping experience?

We dig into lots of trends. What’s a KOL in China and how many billions of dollars of products are sold through videos? How will financing and SMS marketing adapt? Find out about ghost kitchens, dark stores, and the new models that may soon impact furniture and mattress retailers. And why would you have something that looks like a nice store in a low rent district that attracts little foot traffic?

Levene has insights that may make you rethink where the world of harmonized retail is headed.

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