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500th and Final Episode: Dos Marcos is Saying Goodbye (Find Out What’s Next)

Reflect on the end of an era and bid farewell to the past while embracing the future.

Breaking up may be hard to do, but with exciting adventures ahead, it becomes a little easier.

In this farewell episode of the Dos Marcos Podcast, Kinsley and Quinn take you on a sentimental journey down memory lane. They share funny memories and reveal the reason for the move forward. Tune in to discover the future of the FAM, and rest assured, they’re not going anywhere! This fast-paced episode ends just as you would expect, leaving you feeling nostalgic and hopeful for what’s to come.

As Winne-the-Pooh once stated, “what a beautiful thing it is to have something beautiful to say goodbye too.”


Mark Kinsley: It’s the end of an era. The Galaxy’s Greatest Mattress podcast is wrapping up. What’s going on? And what is next? The Exodus episode of the Dos Marco Show begins right now.

Mark Quinn: It’s true. Uh, first and foremost, we wanna thank everyone. This is Kinsley, believe it, or, Um, our 500th episode, my friend, it has been a long run, but the reality is that we are, uh, moving opposite directions or moving forward, I suppose, uh, maybe not opposite directions, but I sold my interest in the fam to you and the Dose Marcos podcast is going away, but the good news is the FAM is not going away.

We’ll talk more about that later. But, um, you know, it was important to us that we wanted to do a show and kind of explain and take everyone through where we’re at and kind of why we are where we are, and, uh, kind of explain where, what this has meant, uh, to us, what this audience has meant to us, what doing the show has meant to us, maybe even what we got out of it.

Personally, I think there. Great stuff to review there, but as we’ve talked many times, you know, the fam is never gonna sit still. You’re either growing or, or fading away. And we want the fan to keep growing and you’ve got great ideas about where it wants to go and, uh, you wanna speed that up and I know whatever my next, uh, job, uh, opportunity is gonna be, I need to be focused on that.

And for me, um, it’s empty nest man. Nick is graduating this. Uh, he’s gonna be running track for Kansas, so University of Kansas. So Bridget and I will be chasing his ass all over the country, going to track meets and, um, I, you know, after long talks with Bridget, we just want that margin of time like that.

You know, people always ask me, I’m sure they ask you too. You know, it’s like, how do you guys do all the stuff that you do? And the answer to the question is, it’s not easy. Uh, it requires a lot of time. And after the map firm thing for me and all the time that required, and, uh, it’s just a lot man. So we’re gonna downshift, I’m gonna reclaim some of my after hours time and, uh, just focus on that stuff and so it’s perfect.

And you’re gonna speed the fam up. Take it great places and do better things. So talk about that, like where’s your head and how

Mark Kinsley: you feeling? Well, it definitely feels like, yeah, like I said at the very beginning of the show, like the end of an era, you know, we’ve been cranking on this podcast for 500 episodes and the whole intent from the very beginning was to serve the mattress industry, help people connect the mattress and sleep products to the benefits of better.

To elevate our category, to make people inspired and wanna be a part of this industry. And I think that we’ve, uh, we’ve really gave, gave that a, uh, a full court press and we’ll continue to, and, and I think that’s, uh, you know, the spirit of the FAM is, um, you know, continuing to build community around that idea and creating a course of voices that are saying, Hey, this is about better.

This is something that can change people’s lives and we as a category have have an opportunity to do that for consumers whenever they come into the mattress market once every eight to 10 years. And I’ve said it before, but if you have a chance to speak to a family member about something important, but you only get to do it once every 10 years, how critical is that conversation?

So I think we’re in, in such a special place in the. And, you know, the fam has, has really grown into this community and, um, you know, everything through, through Dream Camp, um, and the communities that have formed there, you know, it’s, it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be a lot of the same and a little bit different.

You know, I think, um, as we move forward, uh, you know, the, the Dose Marco show has been like the backbone of the body of the fam and. It’s, it’s gonna be weird for a while.

Mark Quinn: Yeah, there’s no doubt. But, you know, that’s the, the cool thing is Mark, like if you, if you really rewind, uh, it started out with Dose Marcos being the Greatest Mattress Podcast in the Galaxy, and easy to say, because there were no others.

And, uh, ever, ever since then, we’ve started producing three other shows. I just love that, just that one aspect of what the FAM has become because it’s not about you and I, it never has been. Um, I, I guess it is. I mean, the fam is about you and I, the, the Do Marcos podcast, to your point was the, the foundational piece to that.

But, um, I, I think we’ve tried to make it about the industry, not about you and I Right. And maybe our perspective about the industry. But you know, other people felt inspired to want to do their own podcast and we’re like, hell yeah. Bring it. And we wanted them to be on that platform. We encouraged it. We helped ’em spin those shows up because the more conversation around this industry, the better the industry gets.

I mean, people want information, they wanna learn, they wanna grow, they wanna. Hear from the, the top people in the category. And I think that’s kind of what we’ve been able to do. And you know, as I was out on a walk this morning, you know, preparing mentally for this show, I’m thinking to myself, I’m gonna ask you this question too, but like, what, what has been the biggest impact on me from, from being and doing this show?

And in I’d say one of the biggest is just what I’ve learned. Um, what I’ve learned from the people we’ve had on this show, my goodness. I mean, we’ve had some incredible people on this show and just what I’ve learned from them, what I’ve learned from people responding to us on so social media, what I’ve learned being at live events and having people come up and tell us that they started companies because of a show that we did, or they expanded into more stores because of a show that we did.

Keith Moneymaker wanting to put a tattoo of us on his, on his arm. I mean, whatever we’re learning or whatever, people are coming back to us with how much it’s inspired me, uh, and how much I’ve learned. Um, and so I’m just so profoundly grateful for that ad to my life. Like, where’s your head when you think about, you know, the impact and, and what it’s meant to you, like what comes to mind?

Mark Kinsley: That absolutely captures the, the number one joy is the ability to reach out to anybody and everybody. People that I think are inspiring, I think are smart, interesting, and have a, have a moment with them, have time with them to, to listen and have a conversation and learn about their life. And many times, you know, begin a great friendship.

You know, I think one of the first, you know, deep moments I had. Harry Roberts was the two part episode that we got to do with him, which then led him to promising a tequila shot to us if we ever came to Houston, which led to us dressed up in white uniforms with gold chains and taking a tequila shot with the founder of Mattress Firm.

I mean, and that all started because of the podcast, and that’s just one story of many where the relationship began because we had this. That was designed to serve an industry that allowed us to talk to people and make friends and then serve the industry along the way. And I think that’s been the, the common thread.

And then, like you said, you know, when we go out to different shows, whether it’s a betting conference or an InSpa conference or a Vegas market, and have people come up to us, And mentioned something specific that they took from the show and they applied it in their business or their life. Those moments had the biggest impact on me.

I remember a guy at a nationwide show come up to us and say, he said he read our book, and from the book, he redesigned his community engagement because that was congruent with who he was. And he told us this very elaborate. About getting the fire department involved and a bunch of kids, you know, involved and through the fire department and how that had a significant impact on his community.

And I thought, how many stories like this are out there that we never hear? So those are the moments that filled my bucket up.

Mark Quinn: You, you know, one that filled mine up recently, mark was at market and it, it literally almost, uh, took us off our feet. We were so shocked by the news and I will not share names, um, because of the sensitivity of that.

But someone telling us, Uh, one of our big biggest fans, and we know this to be true cuz every market we would get pictures with this person and all of his people. And, um, they would come in and he, uh, he ended things. He, he he com he committed suicide and, but for them to come back in and tell us the impact we had on that person and how much he enjoyed, you know, listening to the show and they felt really compelled to come by.

And share that with us because of the, the, the part we played in his professional life and the inspiration he got from the, the stuff that we did. Like, you can’t, like what’s the value of that? Just us knowing that and the gift that he gave us and, and the relationship and the friendship and just to know that we had any kind of impact on someone like that.

Um, anyway, so the, the audience here, if, if you’re listening to this, all the conversations that you’ve had with us at markets or wherever we are, the text messages or anything in social media, um, like Mark and I will never be able to express fully. The impact of those. So just so grateful for you. All of you that have taken time to come and share kindness with us or a, a sentiment or criticize, criticize a show that we did or a comment we made, that’s cool too.

We just love the feedback, but that part of it has been an incredible piece to the puzzle for

Mark Kinsley: sure. Yeah. It’s all about the, it’s all about the people in the community and, and what I love about. Is, you know, we put the dose Marco show under the umbrella of the fam because we realized this is, this is bigger than a couple of guys that are kicking around ideas on a podcast.

We realized that there were, there was a real hunger for movement and momentum and new energy to be injected into this category. And so we created this, this, uh, community and we called it the FAM for a reason because we feel. The industry is one big family, and this would be a gathering place in a watering hole.

And um, and in doing that, it really did open up, uh, the community to become what it needed to become. And to, you know, I always said back in the past, when you have a community, you got three f’s. Finding, focusing, and fostering. You’re always finding new members because they’re your tribe’s out there and they may just not know about you.

You’re focusing on the members of the community that you have to let them know that they’re important, they’re loved, they’re part of something, and then fostering. This is the one that I think be, has become really important and special for me. You’re fostering engagement among your community so that you are not the ones who are always driving those interactions.

If you got a group of friends and there are 10 friends and one person is always organizing everyth, Then is it really a group of friends or is it somebody that is the spur? And so that’s what’s happened to the fam that I think is, is meaningful and momentous is people are connecting through the vehicle, the fam without us, without us being the Spurs.

And that’s the sign of true change. And that’s the sign of of real relationships.

Mark Quinn: Yeah, that’s, those are great points. I like the three Fs. And I think too, you know, maybe evidence of that Mark is that the other podcasts that have come up, other people like Matt Mann and you know, Mike Magnuson and guys like that and Jeff Cassidy, that wanna be part of what we’re doing and wanted to have a voice and talk about the industry and champion that in their own way and see it grow and evolve and like that stuff is so exciting to me that, you know, those types of things.

Um, as an offshoot of, of kind of what we were building. But, um, you know, I, I think that’s a thing too. I hope people listening to this show, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re still engaged and we’re, we’re still all in for this category and the way we look at it and our hope for it, which is to see it grow and get better and see this industry look at itself more in the health and wellness space than anything.

Uh, and that’s always been a purpose. It’s a serve it, and I think independently we’ll still be there f you know, to do that. And, um, we still want the best for the category. And, you know, as you’re listening to this, you know, you’ve, you’ve listened to us drone on many episodes, uh, about sometimes a lot of the same thing.

Um, in, in the focus being, you know, that part, which is, let’s make. Category more important to human beings, uh, making it about their sleep and health and wellbeing instead of just the products that we sell. And, uh, I think you and I are gonna still be banging the hell out of that drum for a long time to come because, uh, we’re still a, a far cry in a, in, in, in a good distance away.

From realizing that potential. So if you’re listening to this and you haven’t yet taken action and, and really done the hard work of trying to figure that piece off of your company, I, I hope you do. I know Mark does too, because there’s, there’s value in that. There’s gold in that, not just for your business, not just for your bottom line, but


Mark Kinsley: people in general.

Yeah. For human beings. Yeah. And I love it whenever people have actually tapped into that mission and bought into it. Guys like James Perez, you know, James made a decision. His business was gonna be about sleep and health and wellness, and it has taken him a number of years to create that cultural shift and to let that message sink in and be something that they can execute on.

But boy, he has lit up. He has lit up. With the possibilities, not only the possibilities, the reality of what that means to people when they come in to shop for a mattress now. So I love it whenever people take action. You know, we wrote in our book, action Reveals Answers. And, you know, taking action is a big piece of that.

And, and, hey, I do wanna say something and, you know, this is definitely, um, the bookend for the Dos Marcos show. Uh, but I am gonna do a reboot. Okay. Because I think it’s important to continue surfacing people that are having an impact. And so we talked ahead of time. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna announce this, but I think it’s, I think it is important to announce it.

So after a bit of a break, um, I’m gonna take a little bit of a break and we’re gonna reboot, uh, the show under the fam umbrella and I’m gonna host it and it’s gonna be called Sleep Summit Show Peak Performance for Mattress and Sleep Professionals. And so Sleep Summit Show is getting, you know, a summit is a gathering of, of mind.

It’s a collection, it’s a group, it’s a get together. And so Sleep Summit Show is gonna feature, uh, people from the industry very similar to what we’ve been doing with the Do Marco show. Uh, and focusing it on that idea of peak performance, because I think over the years what we ended up getting into Quinn is, is bringing people onto the show like Jesse Cole or Christina Dyer, who are peak performers that helped us think about our category in a new.

So I like, you know, having the latitude to do that while also focusing it on mattress and sleep professionals because I think there’s an opportunity also for us to bring in people from the broader sleep economy who can help make our category about the mission and the purpose.

Mark Quinn: Makes sense. And you know, sleep Summit is a big umbrella, so you can put a lot under.

Mark Kinsley: That’s right. So that, that’ll be, like I said, I need, we need a little bit of time to, to do a reboot, um, and kick that off. But if you’re listening, you might be getting a phone call. And if you have something to say, I do want to hear from you.

Mark Quinn: Yeah. But there’s, there’s so much potential, um, with the fam still, like so many great places it can grow and, you know, the industry needs, um, You know, every industry, every person in every company needs a champion if you’re gonna push into a new market or launch a new product, you know, and I think you and I kind of looked at the fam that way, especially in the, the last dream camp we did here in northwest Arkansas, in Bentonville, you know, when we brought that group of people together and you know, people said hell yes to show up, and they came in town and they knew that our objective for that particular dream, Was to get people to rally around the idea that the industry has more work to do to reach its potential, and then get everyone challenged to think about how they could do that in their own company.

Um, you know, that kind of effort, that kind of focus, that kind of, you know, consistent drumbeat. You and I talk a lot about, you know, you have to be consistent over time with whatever you’re. And, uh, so that’s still necessary. And it’s, you know, we, the, the fam could go on every day for the next 10 years and probably still not have made the impact that it needed to make because there’s so much to do.

And, you know, the good thing is there’s momentum and tipping points, right? And so I think that you and I can say over the last 500 episodes, which for the record, I never wanted to do, to begin. Uh, so here we are 500 episodes later, and I’m so grateful I, I said yes to that. But, um, you know, 500 episodes later, I feel like we kind of figured out that our role in some small way was to be that champion and to be that voice.

And, uh, so, you know, it’s still necessary and everyone needs to take it up on their own, in their own way. And, you know, if everyone’s kind of leaning into it, then the potential is

Mark Kinsley: massive. The potential is massive. And, you know, just looking back on, on this wild journey, uh, you know, it was, it was pretty cool that, you know, we did a hundred episodes before we ever did it weekly.

I don’t think a lot of people realize that. So on our 100th episode, so 400 episodes ago is when we started doing it every week. And, and I will say that’s when, when things really changed, you know, and we kind of kicked it into high gear. And, uh, you know, that’s what led to the creation of the fam and that’s what led to, you know, us writing the book, um, which was so much fun.

And, and I think has had a, had a great impact. And as I look back though, I’ve got my memories, but as you, as you are listening to this, For watching this, share your memories. Share some of your favorite memories about, uh, the Do Marco show. Or maybe it was a live event or maybe it was a speech, or maybe it’s something from the book that you took away during your personal moments.

Maybe it was a commute, maybe you were running on the treadmill, um, and something caught your attention and you applied it. Uh, if you’ve been one of these, those people that is sitting in the, sitting on the sidelines and watching the. But really having fun watching the game, now’s the time to step out of the shadows and say What’s been on your heart?

Because it would mean the world to us if we could hear anything that comes to your mind or is on your heart to share.

Mark Quinn: Yeah, definitely. But that would be great if people would do that. Um, And I guess one other thing, b before we wrap it up, I think that’s important for me is that everyone know that this has been a huge blessing in my life.

A and i I think it has with you as well. Yeah. And I think just like what I got, I, I, I feel selfish because like, you know, you do stuff and we, we do the famine. There was, there was a strategy in it for us and you know, there’s a business reason for it, but at the end of the day, I was about serving the industry.

It, it always was. And when you do something like that, what it gives back to you and, and has given me so much. And so I, I just, I’m so glad that we made the effort, you know, over the last 500 episodes to plan shows and to get people on the show and, and to drive it with the purpose that we did. I’m better for it.

I am so grateful. My family is so grateful for it, and we’re very happy. Like this is an important step in my life. It is exactly where I need to. It is a hundred percent the direction I need to be going. It’s exactly the same for you. So that stuff is very positive. And, you know, we, we still want the best for everyone listening to this.

So, um, I guess that’s it. It’s a, it’s a very positive things. It sucks that we won’t be doing the Dose Marcos podcast anymore, but, um, you know, we’ll still be i’ll. Put crap into social media, I’m sure. And

Mark Kinsley: I’m just gonna put some crap into social media. Don’t worry about it, really. Point out Theree.

Mark Quinn: Yeah, no.

Or I’ll, I’ll just comment on your new Sleep Summit podcast shows with, uh, counterpoints and I’ll be the, the challenging voice. I’ll start a new podcast with someone else just taking issue with everything. Sleep Summit is,

Mark Kinsley: that is a great, Hey, that’s a great, there’s, there’s all categor. Uh, that I wasn’t aware of until recently called, um, so-and-so reacts, so, you know, it’s in TikTok they do that, like you react to something.

So maybe you could just do a show where Quinn reacts to Kinsley’s Bs thought about blah, blah, blah.

Mark Quinn: We, we always talked about doing that with Magnus in, in Cassidy, and just attacking some of their episodes. I think we probably failed in doing that. We should have done that and we could have just turned it into that with them and just had this big.

Mark Kinsley: Well, it was, you know, it is the Galaxy’s second Greatest Mattress podcast. But I have to say though, in, in their defense and in defense of what you just described, us reacting to it, it is a very distant second.

Mark Quinn: Well let that, we’ll let that live on, and they can’t com They can’t, uh, I, I, I guess they have a microphone still and we don’t So you’re, you’re gonna have one. So, They come back over the top. You’ll have to take them on, on the Sleep Summit show, but

Mark Kinsley: well come on guys. Bring it on boys. Well, hey, to everybody that’s been, um, uh, support our support system, our fans, our loved ones, our family members of the fam, members of the industry, people that have been on the show we’re.

Beyond grateful for you and thankful for, um, all this time, like you said, Quinn, that we got to be a part of your lives and we got to, um, hopefully bring you something that was fun or entertaining or valuable or insightful. And, uh, we just are, were infinitely grateful.

Mark Quinn: Yeah. And if it, I, I, I love what you said, mark, encouraging them to leave a comment like, this is our last time to ask.

So leave a comment, share your thoughts, give us a review. No, uh, we’d love to hear that. So if there was a show that ever meant something to you or a, a comment that was made that, you know has settled with you or just anything positive, negative, we don’t care, uh, bring it. We’d love to hear from you guys.

But, uh, yeah, that’s gonna do it, man. That’s gonna wrap it for us. And what a great time to end and, uh, 500 episodes. A show that we weren’t sure was ever gonna make it past the the hundred and first show, but it did. And, uh, man, what, what a great ride. So

Mark Kinsley: thank you for that. I feel like we should end it this way.

So two fingers up, instead of peace out, we’re gonna say dose out. You ready? On on? Let’s do it on dose, not on three. Ready? Okay.

Mark Quinn: Uno. Uno

Mark Kinsley: Dose Dose. Dose out.

Mark Quinn: Can we do that again? Uno? Hold on. Try one more time. And then does it go UNO dose and then dose out? Yeah, yeah. Let’s do it that way. You ready? All right.

You ready? Uno

Mark Kinsley: dose, dose dose. Dose out. Dose out. Nailed it as

Mark Quinn: usual. Oh God, that is a perfect illustration of this show. Uh, anyway, that is it. It’s been awesome. So everyone, thanks for listening. Leave some comments. We’d love to hear from you. And whenever we see you at events, please come up. We’d love to hear your stories and, uh, stay connected.

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