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4th Generation CEO of Diamond Mattress on Legacy, Family Therapy, and Growth

Sleep better with insights from a fourth-generation mattress maker.

Shaun Pennington, CEO of ⁠⁠Diamond Mattress⁠⁠, shares his wisdom on the FAM podcast. In this episode, Pennington discusses his leadership of the 80-year-old family business known for quality, integrity, and innovation. As a fourth-generation leader, he provides a unique perspective.

Key Takeaways from this episode:

Invest in coaching skills. Pennington prioritizes developing his coaching abilities. He believes supporting team members this way leads to empowerment and rewards. Consider how you can adopt a coaching mindset in your leadership role.

Communicate directly. Pennington and his sister learned to avoid “triangulation” in communication. This means speaking directly rather than relaying messages through others. Direct communication prevents misunderstandings. Try closing triangles in your own conversations.

Stay adaptable. The mattress business evolves rapidly. Diamond succeeds by innovating products while providing staples people rely on. Balance serving current needs with flexibility for the future.

Tune in to hear Pennington’s insights on family business, company growth, industry trends, and even delivering a baby!

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