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38% of Employees Actually Work from Here 

More Americans work remotely today than ever before. And while you may be imagining people in a decked-out home office, more than a third of American adults surveyed admitted to regularly working from bed.

And you won’t believe where 19% of workers set-up home offices—we’ll get to that. 

The study found that of 1,520 remote-workers surveyed, 38% admit to regularly working from bed. And just over two-thirds of employees have admitted to working from bed at some point in the pandemic. 

While 91% of remote workers said they made an effort to improve their home workspace, only 32% claimed to work in a “proper” home office. Another 71% said they’re “improvising.” 

And beds are even gaining on couches and outdoor areas in terms of the number of people who use them when working from home.

According to the survey, 45% of remote workers admit to regularly working from the couch, while 20% regularly work outside and another 19% from a closet (yes, seriously). 

However, just because people working from their beds is good news for our industry doesn’t mean it’s a great environment for getting work done, as some people have reported pain and discomfort when working from bed.

That could turn out to be a problem for some, but it could also be an opportunity for retailers to talk up adjustable bases and better-quality mattresses. 

Regardless, if the shift to working from home continues at the pace it’s been going, many more people are likely to work in their beds. And when you bring it up to customers, you’ll already have a solution ready and waiting for them!

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