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15 Stand-alone Stores and Purple Expands Partnership with Mattress Firm

The FAM learned that Purple now has 15 stand-alone showrooms throughout Utah, Texas, Idaho, Washington, California, New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia.

And now, the company will open another new stand-alone location in Frisco, Texas on September 24 where they’ll sell mattresses, seat cushions, pet beds, and other bedding accessories, including Purple’s latest release, the Purple Plus mattress.

The foam-based model is designed to provide a cooler night’s sleep and is a comfort upgrade compared to the brand’s original model. The new model includes an additional two-inch layer of premium foam underneath the company’s two-inch GelFlex Grid layer. 

The new foam is designed to react more quickly to a person’s body’s pressure and movement while boosting airflow to help people sleep cooler. The starting price for the Purple Plus is $1,099.

Today, Purple products can be found in over 2,000 retail stores around the country, and the company also recently announced that it’s expanded its distribution relationship with retail giant Mattress Firm to bring Purple products to Mattress Firm stores in Phoenix, Arizona, and California’s Bay Area.

The gel grid bed-in-a-box behemoth started in 2016 and grew its brand over the last five years through punchy advertising and a unique, demonstrable product. 

They first partnered with Mattress Firm in 2017, and now Purple products can be found in select Mattress Firm stores throughout Washington, D.C., Sacramento, California, and Austin, Texas.

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